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July 19, 2018, 04:22:21 am
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Watch out, the green stuff is hitting the fan

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Author Topic: Watch out, the green stuff is hitting the fan  (Read 25 times)
Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« on: August 07, 2017, 07:09:55 pm »

....guess what, a couple of greens mp's may have principles...who would have thought🙄

Two Green MPs quit over Metiria Turei admissions

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has ruled out a ministerial role, but won't resign as co-leader.

Two senior Green MPs have resigned in protest at their co-leader Metiria Turei's refusal to step down in the wake of revelations she lied to obtain a benefit.

Kennedy Graham and David Clendon made the threat to quit in protest on Monday afternoon. It is understood their resignations were accepted and they will retire at the election.

The pair are two of the longest-serving members of the Green Party.

The party has had a tumultuous three weeks, initially riding high off the back of the revelation offered by Turei herself, that she lied to Work and Income about her living costs - failing to inform them she had extra flatmates while a single mother receiving the Domestic Purposes Benefit between 1993 and 1998.

Her admission saw the Greens gain a massive bump in the polls and Labour plummet to dangerous lows. But further details emerged that Turei had at one stage been registered as living at the address of the father of her child, while she was collecting the DPB. Turei denies she was living there - rather, she was just enrolled there so she could vote for a friend standing in that electorate.

At another point she was living with her mother, who was a flatmate. Turei was forced to rule herself out of Cabinet contention, if the Greens made it in to Government, but she refused to step down as co-leader.

A source close to the party has suggested the two MPs threatened to go, and the party was prepared to let that happen.

Green Party general manager Sarah Helm said the pair had done very little in the way of campaigning, and suggested they had been disgruntled for some time.

"Neither of these candidates have been campaigning for us all year. David's made one phone call, and Kennedy's put in about three or four hours worth of calls.

"My understanding is that both of them were not happy with their list placings either," Helm said.

The party is understood to be furious at how the two MPs have handled it - going outside normal parliamentary channels to tell media of their plans.

In a statement, co-leader James Shaw confirmed Graham and Clendon had decided to withdraw their names from the Green's 2017 party list.

"We are disappointed they've made this decision, though we respect their right to do so. The Green Party is fortunate to have high calibre and energetic candidates on the party list, who are campaigning hard for the party," he said.

"With this decision, candidates including Hayley Holt, Teall Crossen, Teanau Tuiono, Leilani Tamu, Matt Lawrey and Elizabeth Kerekere all move up two places on the Green Party list."

He thanked the two for their service to the Green Party.

"We wish David and Kennedy all the best," Shaw said.

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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 09:31:51 pm »

.....Turei is a just another leftie hypocrite.......needs to resign and get a real job😒

Green party candidate for Hutt South pulls out of election race

Hutt South Green candidate Susanne Ruthven has had a hard job getting heard in an electorate where National and Labour ...
Hutt South Green candidate Susanne Ruthven has had a hard job getting heard in an electorate where National and Labour are campaigning strongly.

The Green Party is in the news again, as one of its candidates has pulled out of the race for the Hutt South seat.

Susanne Ruthven announced she will withdraw from the race at a pre-election debate on Tuesday evening.

The debate was held at Waiwhetu Uniting Church in Woburn, Lower Hutt.   

Current Hutt South MP Trevor Mallard said: "It's sad to see someone who has put so much into the Green Party over the last two elections, but has been unable to see it through."

READ MORE: Human rights lawyer Susanne Ruthven hopes to turn Hutt South Green

Mallard, who is not standing for the seat in September's general election, said the reasons for the decision were a matter "for her and the Green Party".

Ruthven, 36, is a constitutional lawyer in Wellington, and a mother of four. She works at Harbour Chambers, alongside former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer, specialising in human rights and international law.
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2017, 09:46:09 pm »

...James Shaw trying to justify the fraudster....looks like the Greens really have lost a lot of credibility..
...it's just an obscene culture of entitlement
...Looking at the pics you would wonder what the guy was thinking who shagged the fat, ugly slut😳

Can we stop the rubbish about fraudster Metiria Turei having to feed a starving kid

James Shaw was on Radio NZ this morning banging on again about poor fraudster Metiria Turei having to make ends meet and if she hadn’t lied to WINZ then her little child would have starved.

Mr Shaw told Morning Report the remaining members of caucus were united behind Mrs Turei.

However, he refused repeatedly to say whether he thought it was acceptable to lie to a government agency in circumstances where a child was going hungry.

“I’ve said many times over the last two weeks that I do not believe that the law itself should put people in the situation where they are forced to make bad choices between lying to an agency or feeding their child.”

He later added to his answer saying: “I would find it to be an incredibly tough call.”

Here is the audio extract.

Guyon Espiner presses him hard on this issue, and James Shaw really believes that poor little Piupiu would have starved if Metiria Turei hadn’t committed a long-running, deliberate fraud against taxpayers involving several years and multiple houses.

That stance and belief cannot be true. Metiria Turei has never looked like a starving waif herself. She clearly dodges salads and looks like she has never passed up the pies or chips.

Here is a photo of her when Piupiu was a baby.

She’s clearly built for comfort not speed.

Then there is this photo of Piupiu and her salad dodging mother when Piupiu was a bit older:

Piupiu Turei, 9 middle, with grandmother Ann Hartley and mother Metiria Turei in 2002.
That is just 3 years after her fraudulent ways ended. She has certainly packed on the tonnes in the intervening years, including when she says poor little Piupiu would have starved.

And in that photo is Ann Hartley, who campaigned on looking after and caring for her grandchildren. Little Piupiu doesn’t look emaciated and near death from starvation there either.

This whole poverty, breadline, starving child thing is a scam. An excuse to justify a cunning and deceitful fraud on the taxpayers by someone who looks like she has never missed a meal in her life, and most probably was sneaking additional meals from the clearly well-stocked larder and fridge of the various flats she was pretending to live alone in.

The child’s father and grand-parents must have been heartless to allow them to be “below the breadline.” That is what Metiria Turei is wanting us to believe and what James Shaw is excusing away.

Metiria Turei is a fraud and now so is James Shaw.

The Green party clearly values fraud, deceit and lies over prinipled members and MPs like Kennedy Graham and David Clendon.
C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2017, 01:33:41 pm »

...I have a good idea....the Green Party should change their name to something more accurate
...they don't talk much about the environment much these days....perhaps the defectors will start a new party that focuses on the environment 😜

Editorial: The Greens survive but are tarnished

Green Party co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw face the media on Tuesday.

EDITORIAL: It couldn't happen to a nicer party. The Green Party has managed to avoid the messy and nasty schisms and fall-outs that have seemed de rigueur for other political groupings in New Zealand. They seemed more enlightened than the rest, united and focused on the long game and refreshingly free of ego.

Even as they courted mainstream acceptance with a magazine glamour shoot, recent discussion about whether the Greens would ever dare to support a coalition with National – the answer was a firm no – showed that they prefer future benefits to the immediate temptations of office.

Here is a newsflash. The Greens are human and just as capable of a divisive, public shambles as anyone else. Indeed, this week's shambles has been much messier and more potentially damaging than anything seen for years in Labour. Attacks on two dissenters by Green Party members and even former co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons have been surprisingly bitter and disrespectful.

Green co-leader Metiria Turei's confession about committing benefit fraud as a solo mother in the 1990s has devolved over three weeks from a brave and principled statement about the tough realities of poverty in New Zealand to a much more confusing picture, after it emerged that she was not as transparent about her fraud as she could have been.

* Rogue Green MPs withdraw from caucus - party 'united' behind co-leader Metiria Turei
* Two Green MPs quit over Metiria Turei admissions
* Opinion: Metiria Turei should quit
* Turei rules out ministerial role
* Metiria Turei's electoral admission 'not good' - Labour
* Metiria Turei: Children shouldn't be punished for their parents' choices

As well as claiming extra benefits, and running for Parliament for the McGillicuddy Serious Party, which satirically promoted a "great leap backwards", Turei also enrolled to vote at a false address. Electoral fraud was added to benefit fraud.

As details emerged, the Greens tumbled from the moral high ground to the political swamp. Turei resisted resigning as co-leader but announced she would not be a minister in a hypothetical centre-Left government.

That sacrifice was not enough for Green MPs David Clendon and Kennedy Graham who put personal principles above party harmony, much as Turei herself had seemed to. Shocked political reporters broke into live broadcasts of the 6pm news on Monday with the development that the Greens had lost Clendon and Graham. If the pair had wanted to detonate the party's chances in September, they could not have timed it better.

But co-leader James Shaw has fronted the Green shambles with assurance and conviction. He explained that there were two choices. Turei could resign or the veteran MPs could go and the Greens would lose, in Graham, a politician who has been respected for his important consensus-building on climate change issues.

The ultimatum failed and Turei won. The billboards that promote Shaw and Turei as "great together" will stay up. Shaw seemed intent on toughing out a very difficult situation and his personal image and leadership have surely been bolstered in the process. But his party's image? That is a different story.

In simple terms, the Greens have chosen the social justice and poverty activism of Turei over the valuable environmental experience of Graham and Clendon. But something greater and much harder to replace has departed from the Greens and that is their new-found, hard-won reputation for sobriety and moderation. You could even say that the Greens have now experienced their own great leap backwards.
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2017, 02:03:16 pm »

...well said David Seymour🙄

ACT calls on principled Greens to “tell all”

David Clendon and Kennedy Graham’s resignations should be welcomed but now they need to tell Green Party voters everything they know about Metiria Turei and her lies to government and the public, rather than letting details drip-feed out over months as the official investigation into her continues, says ACT Party Leader David Seymour.

“Metiria should have come clean with the full story on day one of her confession. Instead, she’s let down her MPs and her party. Two senior, respected MPs have resigned over her continuing dishonesty, and her hapless co-leader James Shaw is despatched to defend the indefensible while she hides behind him. She needs to front up and come clean with the full truth now, not wait for investigators and journalists to pry details out day by day and week by week.

“Sadly, Metiria Turei’s protracted ego trip has let down the very people who count on the Greens to stand for fairness and decency. Honest beneficiaries, solo mothers, and normal Green Party supporters have now been tarred with Metiria’s theft and deception.”

It’s a good  point.  Why continue protecting Metiria’s assured destruction of the Green party by staying silent from here on in?

If David and Kennedy have information that can bring this debacle to a swifter end, then not doing so is irresponsible.  And it would allow other Green MPs still between the rock and the hard place to get an easier exit.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Green party leader will be charged with Fraud.  There is no way back from there.   Especially for those that continue to support Metiria’s personal journey.

As others have pointed out, Metiria’s been paid by taxpayers for most of her adult life.  If she ends up in prison, home detention or unemployed, this continues.  She will be the most spectacular case of anyone going from cradle to grave having done nothing else but expect other people to pay for her life and choices.
C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #5 on: August 09, 2017, 02:07:02 pm »


Is Metiria Turei dragging the chain?

The Taxpayers’ Union was first to call for Metiria Turei to pay the money back, sending her an invoice for $57,096 – their calculation of what she probably owes – based on inflation adjusting three years of benefit fraud.

Frankly, I think the Taxpayers’ Union have grossly underestimated how much is owed.

Anyone with an overdue tax bill knows that a debt isn’t ‘inflation adjusted’ – penalty rates would have seen Turei’s debts grow into the 7-figures.   

But now that weeks have passed, and Turei has met with WINZ officials, why hasn’t she paid it back?

Is she waiting until after the election?

Is she cooperating with officials as much as she said she would?

We’re hearing that there is a game at play, and if she’s sacked as leader, she has no intention at all to pay it back.

So maybe it’s time to do what the Greens do, and help out the campaign groups calling for action. She needs to pay it back – and pay it back now.

The Taxpayers’ Union is seeking 5,000 signatures here, and I understand the Union’s mascot is taking a trip down to Parliament to see Turei…

“Here pig, pig, pig, pig…”

Sign the petition here.
C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #6 on: August 09, 2017, 02:14:19 pm »

...good points made....she needs to pay it back...with interest compounded....and then locked up....
...the Greens now officially have no principles and are hypocrites...just like the rest...THE MANA IS GONE🙄


More than three weeks ago the Green Party Co-leader, Metiria Turei, admitted she defrauded the taxpayer by claiming the Domestic Purposes Benefit she either wasn't entitled to, or failed to declaire income via flatmates she had while a law student in the 1990s.

The DHB is for parents of children with no partner and no significant income for the upbringing of the child or children.  As we learn more, it becomes clear that Ms Turei's claims that she 'needed to defraud the tax paper to feed her baby' are a gross exaggeration.


Every dollar Metiria Turei stole is one less for the very people in poverty Metiria Turei claims she's helping.  As a senior MP, Ms Turei earns more than $200,000 per year.  We say pay the money back, and pay it back today.

Ms Turia has been dragging the chain, meeting with officials and saying she'll pay the money back if she is asked to by WINZ.  That's not good enough.

Converted into today's dollars, three years of the DPB is at least $57,096 she owes taxpayers - and that doesn't even include a cent of penalty interest.

What we know so far about Turei's case:

Lied over a period of at least three years covering at least three different houses about how much rent she was paying
Was either living with the father of the baby for at least two years (which was welfare fraud as ineligible for DPB) or lied to the Registrar of Electors about where she lived in order to illegally vote in an electorate (electoral fraud which had a maximum penalty of three months jail under the 1956 Electoral Act)
Refused to name the father of the baby, making it impossible for MSD to detect whether or not she was living with him at the time
The father not only lived with Metiria (according to the electoral roll) but owned the Mt Edan property. So are we to believe that despite being wealthy enough to own a house, he was contributing nothing to the upkeep of his child? He certainly wasn’t paying child support to the IRD as Turei refused to name him.
The father’s mother was at the time the Mayor of North Shore City. Are we to believe that the Hartley’s were not contributing to their grandchild’s expenses at all? If so, this should be disclosed to MSD. The DPB is an income tested benefit.
Metiria was living with her mother for at least two years but claims they were financially independent. So again we are meant to believe Metiria was receiving no support from either set of grandparents, despite living with them.
Metiria never sought employment during this period, but did find time to twice stand for Parliament despite claiming to be so poor that she had to lie to MSD in order to get more money from taxpayers.
Was believed to be living with her new partner for some of the time she was on the DPB, which also could invalidate her eligibility or mean his income should be included.
Taxpayers union
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #7 on: August 09, 2017, 02:20:08 pm »

...haha....very good point😉

I agree with Leighton Smith on Metiria Turei, she should stay

Yesterday Leighton Smith made an impassioned editorial to make sure Metiria Turei stays in her job as Greens co-leader. 

I agree with him.

The longer she stays in the job the harder they will fall, and if information flowing in to me from media sources is correct there is much, much more to come on her.

I’m not sure she will be able to sustain anymore revelations. Crying crocodile tears about an invasion of her privacy is trite when it was her who put her deliberate and calculated fraud into the public arena in the first place.

C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #8 on: August 10, 2017, 02:17:37 pm »

...check out the list....she , and maybe other family members are in the shit....disaster for the Greens...they needed to keep their focus on the environment, not socialism....great to see socialist greed losing support😜

James Shaw and the Green party MPs have a very small amount of time to rescue themselves

So here is the worst case scenario as it currently stands.  All this is alleged, but covered by various media

Metiria claimed the DPB
Metiria received in excess of $80,000 over 4 years in support from family
Metiria was living with the father some of that time
The father of the child had an income during some of the time he was living with Metiria
Metiria was also taking money from boarders
Metiria didn’t declare any of this to DSW/WINZ/MSD to keep her DPB payments even though the father had an income and she had an income from boarders.
Metiria and the Green party still maintain this is a justified breaking of the law to compensate for the harsh realities of surviving on just the DPB.
Based on the stories Metiria has provided to the media over the last few weeks, it would not be a surprise to learn that her recent meeting with the MSD didn’t cover all of the above issues.

What we have here is a pre-meditated, ongoing and still not totally revealed level of deceit that has netted Metiria tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars as well as money from private individuals such as family and boarders.   In total, this will be well in excess of $150,000, perhaps even closer to $200,000 over the period she claimed the DPB. 

Conservative estimates would indicate she was, at least at some times, living well above the average income of the time.  She was not entitled to state assistance during those periods, but withholding that information from the government assured her of a substantial income.

All her colleagues in the Green party totally believe her version.  They are like the victims of confidence fraudsters that simply can not believe that person could have done that.

They are in total denial.

As more of the story comes out, Green MPs and people that consider themselves personal friends of Metiria Turei have a choice to make:   continue to support her choices in life, or separate themselves saying that now all this additional information is known to them, they are as shocked as the rest of New Zealand.  That they feel let down.  And so on.

But they have to do this very, very soon.   Leave it much longer, and any change of heart will look like desperation.  There will be no credibility.

Yesterday, the party still considered their support for Metria to be more important than the return of two very experienced and well-respected MPs who were clearly on the right track.

And if most Green list MPs want a job after September 23rd, they need to make sure the voters know they too were scammed.

Not doing so means the Green vote will collapse further.
C slater
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