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When “the shit hits the fan” on Trump's watch…

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Author Topic: When “the shit hits the fan” on Trump's watch…  (Read 61 times)
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Having fun in the hills!

« on: March 11, 2017, 11:31:16 pm »

from The Washington Post....

Will Trump make a real crisis worse?

So far, it doesn't look good.

By RUTH MARCUS | 7:35PM EST - Friday, March 10, 2017

President Trump speaks in the White House on Friday. — Photograph: Olivier Douliery/Bloomberg News.
President Trump speaks in the White House on Friday. — Photograph: Olivier Douliery/Bloomberg News.

WHAT HAPPENS when there's a crisis?

When, not if, because that is the nature of the presidency: Bad things happen — often early on, sometimes anticipated, sometimes out of nowhere. Consider the historical roster: Somali pirates holding an American captain hostage (Barack Obama's administration), the Chinese forcing down a Navy aircraft and detaining its crew (George W. Bush), a siege and raid gone bad at a cult complex in Waco, Texas (Bill Clinton).

For a new president, April is the cruelest month; add John F. Kennedy's Bay of Pigs fiasco to that litany of spring-time woes. An unseasoned new president and a wobbly team still learning how to work the system and work together are going to be more susceptible to blunders than later on.

But a crisis under President Trump — a real crisis, not the seemingly endless series of self-inflicted wounds that has scarred the new administration — poses a far scarier situation than with the usual fledgling presidency. Trump's unforced errors have implications and ripple effects for when the real problems inevitably arrive.

First, the best leaders become even more calm, deliberate and focused in moments of stress and emergency. Trump lashes out — before checking the facts, before considering the consequences. Some people believe Trump tweets strategically, as part of a plan to distract. Perhaps, but even so, his calculations have a propensity to boomerang.

That danger has never been more clear than with his irresponsible accusations of wiretapping by Obama. Trump isn't playing chess — he's playing checkers, with an elementary schooler's urge to up-end the board when the game isn't going his way.

What happens when the president is provoked by a real problem, not an unsupported report by a loudmouth talk-radio host and a right-wing website? Twitter is a risky enough tool for making foreign policy, but the other tools at a president's disposal are even riskier. Trump's fury over everything from paltry inaugural crowd counts to falling poll numbers does not portend a trusty hand when the challenge comes, whether from China, Iran, North Korea, Russia or elsewhere.

Second, the skill set of steady presidential leadership must be augmented by a functioning team of principals, deputies and advisers. This truism envisions both the “functioning” part, as opposed to the evident rivalries and schisms inside the Trump administration, and the “team” part, as opposed to the virtual absence of key personnel. Who is available, in this home-alone administration, to ask the second- and third-order questions about the consequences of a particular course of action?

If anything, Trump has thrown additional sand in the gears of the existing institutional machinery. His continuing feud with the intelligence community erodes the rapport and trust essential for operating effectively during a crisis. His rocky start with key allies — those phone calls with the leaders of Australia and Mexico, and the takeaways by other foreign leaders — similarly augurs poorly for the kind of concerted action and united front essential in an international emergency.

Third, Trump's predilection to assert and cling to untruths in the face of contrary evidence raises questions about his capacity to absorb and act on unwelcome information. If the president can't accept that he lost the popular vote, what happens when advisers deliver bad news? More disturbing, Trump's tenuous connection to the truth dangerously undermines his credibility with everyone from the U.S. public to foreign leaders.

The sobering state of affairs was underscored in a remarkable tweet on Monday by the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff of California: “We must accept possibility that @POTUS does not know fact from fiction, right from wrong. That wild claims are not strategic, but worse.” Schiff is not a partisan hothead, so his discussion of the sitting president in language more suited to a commitment hearing was that much more striking.

“The implications are quite extraordinary,” Schiff said in a follow-up interview with NPR. In a crisis, he asked, “how much credibility will the president have left to persuade the country of what has happened, what needs to be done? How much credibility will he have with our allies to get them to back us up? So these have real-world repercussions…. It's the president losing the credibility of the office.”

That's the most alarming part of all. Because there is some hope, however scant, of a presidential learning curve. But trust once squandered is not easily, if ever, regained. And without it any president will remain severely hobbled.

• Ruth Marcus is a columnist for The Washington Post, specializing in American politics and domestic policy.


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Absolutely Fabulously Incredibly Shit-Hot Member
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« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 08:14:00 am »

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Are you sick of the bullshit from the sewer stream media spewed out from the usual Ken and Barby dickless talking point look a likes.

If you want to know what's going on in the real world...
And the many things that will personally effect you.
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Having fun in the hills!

« Reply #2 on: March 12, 2017, 10:17:54 am »

That isn't evidence.

That is just a compilation of stupid fuckwits who wouldn't know the truth if they tripped over it.

BTW....the truth is out there on YouTube.

There is plenty of footage of Donald Trump saying something during his campaign. Yet there is earlier footage of him saying something completely different. In other words, plenty of footage of Donald Trump's LYING.

Hence why newspapers should splash huge headlines across their front pages, “DONALD TRUMP IS A LIAR”, then wait for him to sue for defamation.
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If you aren't living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space! 
Absolutely Fabulously Incredibly Shit-Hot Member
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« Reply #3 on: March 13, 2017, 01:36:27 am »

That isn't evidence.

Being the leader of the US Mr Trump can take his sweet time and do as he wants

all obama done was play a lot of golf
that and sucking up to the big money,and a lot of drone strikes that killed wedding party's
oh yeah he gave isis weapons,and look how that worked out for him, He helped murder Muammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Gaddafi who was a good leftist who really cared about his people

With Hillary's help Obama fucked up the whole middle east
after first getting the Nobel peace prize wasn't that a funny joke lol
that's because he was a filthy rotten warmonger who bragged about how he killed people

Obama was the worst ever president a leftist cunt

And Hillary's now famous line about Gaddafi "We Came We Saw He Died hehehe"

List Of Good Things Muammar Gaddafi Done For The People Of Libya

Muammar Gaddafi is dead! Well we all know about that. But some of the good things you might not know. I have found some information about the Good deeds of Muammar Gaddafi. If you are thinking I am a Gaddafi supporter then you are wrong. I am not a Gaddafi supporter , neither I am like other people who are dancing because he is dead. I am just sharing some of the Facts I have found/collected.

Note:  The facts you are going to read might not be True.

Muammar Gaddafi's contribution to the people of Libya:

1. All the newly weds people of

Libya used to get about 50,000 dollars from Government to lead a very happy life.
2. Home is the basic right of every citizen of Libya.

3. There was no electricity bill in Libiya. Electricity was free in Libya.

4. No interest loan for the people of Libya according to Law. Gaddafi was against interest since interest is forbidden in Islam.

5. Gaddafi has increased the literacy rate from 25% to 83%. Education expenses in Government universities are free in Libya.

6. Medical expenses in Government hospitals was free in Libya.

7. The price of the petrol was 0.14 cents in Libya. Yes we all know Libya has got good petroleum resources. But the price seems to be too low. Isn't it?

8. When Libyan citizen wants to buy a car, Government used to subsidized 50% of the price of the car. 50%? sounds great!

9. A huge bread used to cost only 15 cents in Libya.

10. The GDP per capita of Libya is very high. Over 15,000 us dollars. Purchasing power was very high compare to the GDP.

11. The economy of Libya was improving rapidly. In 2010 it had 10% growth. It has not external debts. It also has the reserves amount of 150+ billion dollars.

12. Unemployment fees were given

from the government until the person finds a Job.
13. A Libyan mother used to get 5000 us dollars for giving birth a child.


There were some of the things people of Libya got from the Government of Gaddafi. I hope you have enjoyed reading about these facts, They are all past now. Libyan people are hoping for a better leader. Can they find their true leader? Please do comment and make sure to share the articles to let other know Wink.


Many users may ask for source. If you don't believe this information you can just search about the economy of Libya for the last few years. You will notice, for the last few years the economy of Libya has increased by huge margin.


Have you ever heard of the world largest Irrigation project? Gaddafi lunched world largest irrigation project to supply pure water to the people of libya for upcoming years. This project can be called as world's 8th wonder. This project costs billions of dollars. Check this link to watch a snapshot of this project - http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-f9XgEK5CVfE/T1DxrN5u6SI/AAAAAAAACQo/P5gjBG5qm6U/s1600/noname-1.jpeg


Hillary was a major whore for taking bribes she was total corruption, scum of the earth both of them

and your stupid fake news washington post supported these vile swamp rat war criminals.

Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention

Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, who was murdered by Western-backed rebels on October 20, 2011, planned to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the dollar and euro. (Photo: Jesse B. Awalt/US Navy)
Newly disclosed emails show that Libya’s plan to create a gold-backed currency to compete with the euro and dollar was a motive for NATO’s intervention.

The New Year’s Eve release of over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails from the State Department has CNN abuzz over gossipy text messages, the “who gets to ride with Hillary” selection process set up by her staff, and how a “cute” Hillary photo fared on Facebook.

But historians of the 2011 NATO war in Libya will be sure to notice a few of the truly explosive confirmations contained in the new emails: admissions of rebel war crimes, special ops trainers inside Libya from nearly the start of protests, Al Qaeda embedded in the U.S. backed opposition, Western nations jockeying for access to Libyan oil, the nefarious origins of the absurd Viagra mass rape claim, and concern over Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves threatening European currency.

Hillary’s Death Squads
A March 27, 2011, intelligence brief [archived here] on Libya, sent by long time close adviser to the Clintons and Hillary’s unofficial intelligence gatherer, Sidney Blumenthal, contains clear evidence of war crimes on the  part of NATO-backed rebels. Citing a rebel commander source “speaking in strict confidence” Blumenthal reports to Hillary [emphasis mine]:

Under attack from allied Air and Naval forces, the Libyan Army troops have begun to desert to the rebel side in increasing numbers. The rebels are making an effort to greet these troops as fellow Libyans, in an effort to encourage additional defections.

(Source Comment: Speaking in strict confidence, one rebel commander stated that his troops continue to summarily execute all foreign mercenaries captured in the fighting…).

While the illegality of extra-judicial killings is easy to recognize (groups engaged in such are conventionally termed “death squads”), the sinister reality behind the “foreign mercenaries” reference might not be as immediately evident to most.

While over the decades Gaddafi was known to make use of European and other international security and infrastructural contractors, there is no evidence to suggest that these were targeted by the Libyan rebels.

There is, however, ample documentation by journalists, academics, and human rights groups demonstrating that black Libyan civilians and sub-Saharan contract workers, a population favored by Gaddafi in his pro-African Union policies, were targets of “racial cleansing” by rebels who saw black Libyans as tied closely with the regime.[1]

Black Libyans were commonly branded as “foreign mercenaries” by the rebel opposition for their perceived general loyalty to Gaddafi as a community and subjected to torture, executions, and their towns “liberated” by ethnic cleansing. This is demonstrated in the most well-documented example of Tawergha, an entire town of 30,000 black and “dark-skinned” Libyans which vanished by August 2011 after its takeover by NATO-backed NTC Misratan brigades.

These attacks were well-known as late as 2012 and often filmed, as this report from The Telegraph confirms:

After Muammar Gaddafi was killed, hundreds of migrant workers from neighboring states were imprisoned by fighters allied to the new interim authorities. They accuse the black Africans of having been mercenaries for the late ruler. Thousands of sub-Saharan Africans have been rounded up since Gaddafi fell in August.

It appears that Clinton was getting personally briefed on the battlefield crimes of her beloved anti-Gaddafi fighters long before some of the worst of these genocidal crimes took place.

Al-Qaeda and Western Special Forces Inside Libya
The same intelligence email from Sydney Blumenthal also confirms what has become a well-known theme of Western supported insurgencies in the Middle East: the contradiction of special forces training militias that are simultaneously suspected of links to Al Qaeda.

Blumenthal relates that “an extremely sensitive source” confirmed that British, French, and Egyptian special operations units were training Libyan militants along the Egyptian-Libyan border, as well as in Benghazi suburbs.

While analysts have long speculated as to the “when and where” of Western ground troop presence in the Libyan War, this email serves as definitive proof that special forces were on the ground only within a month of the earliest protests which broke out in the middle to end of February 2011 in Benghazi.

By March 27 of what was commonly assumed a simple “popular uprising” external special operatives were already “overseeing the transfer of weapons and supplies to the rebels” including “a seemingly endless supply of AK47 assault rifles and ammunition.”

Yet only a few paragraphs after this admission, caution is voiced about the very militias these Western special forces were training because of concern that, “radical/terrorist groups such as the Libyan Fighting Groups and Al Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) are infiltrating the NLC and its military command.”

The Threat of Libya’s Oil and Gold to French Interests
Though the French-proposed U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 claimed the no-fly zone implemented over Libya was to protect civilians, an April 2011 email [archived here] sent to Hillary with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold” tells of less noble ambitions.

The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered “Francophone Africa.”

Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves, estimated at “143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver,” posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency. In place of the noble sounding “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine fed to the public, there is this “confidential” explanation of what was really driving the war [emphasis mine]:

This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).

(Source Comment: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.)

Though this internal email aims to summarize the motivating factors driving France’s (and by implication NATO’s) intervention in Libya, it is interesting to note that saving civilian lives is conspicuously absent from the briefing.

Instead, the great fear reported is that Libya might lead North Africa into a high degree of economic independence with a new pan-African currency.

French intelligence “discovered” a Libyan initiative to freely compete with European currency through a local alternative, and this had to be subverted through military aggression.

The Ease of Floating Crude Propaganda
Early in the Libyan conflict Secretary of State Clinton formally accused Gaddafi and his army of using mass rape as a tool of war. Though numerous international organizations, like Amnesty International, quickly debunked these claims, the charges were uncritically echoed by Western politicians and major media.

It seemed no matter how bizarre the conspiracy theory, as long as it painted Gaddafi and his supporters as monsters, and so long as it served the cause of prolonged military action in Libya, it was deemed credible by network news.

Two foremost examples are referenced in the latest batch of emails: the sensational claim that Gaddafi issued Viagra to his troops for mass rape, and the claim that bodies were “staged” by the Libyan government at NATO bombing sites to give the appearance of the Western coalition bombing civilians.

In a late March 2011 email, Blumenthal confesses to Hillary that,

I communicated more than a week ago on this story—Qaddafi placing bodies to create PR stunts about supposed civilian casualties as a result of Allied bombing—though underlining it was a rumor. But now, as you know, Robert gates gives credence to it. (See story below.)

Sources now say, again rumor (that is, this information comes from the rebel side and is unconfirmed independently by Western intelligence), that Qaddafi has adopted a rape policy and has even distributed Viagra to troops. The incident at the Tripoli press conference involving a woman claiming to be raped is likely to be part of a much larger outrage. Will seek further confirmation.

Not only did Defense Secretary Robert Gates promote his bizarre “staged bodies” theory on CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” but the even stranger Viagra rape fiction made international headlines as U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice made a formal charge against Libya in front of the UN Security Council.

What this new email confirms is that not only was the State Department aware of the spurious nature of what Blumenthal calls “rumors” originating solely with the rebels, but did nothing to stop false information from rising to top officials who then gave them “credence.”

It appears, furthermore, that the Viagra mass rape hoax likely originated with Sidney Blumenthal himself.
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Are you sick of the bullshit from the sewer stream media spewed out from the usual Ken and Barby dickless talking point look a likes.

If you want to know what's going on in the real world...
And the many things that will personally effect you.
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