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July 16, 2018, 10:59:39 am
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Do-gooders...should be a law against it

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Author Topic: Do-gooders...should be a law against it  (Read 77 times)
« on: January 15, 2016, 03:47:50 pm »

....good advice..do-gooders make ya sick...should do us all a favour and mind their own business Wink


Forget social media, there is a far better way to deal with obnoxious busy-bodies…a slap in face usually does the trick.

A storm has erupted on social media after yet another example of a woman being berated by a stranger for breastfeeding in public has emerged.

Deijah Cook, 21, has claimed she was publicly shamed by a woman for feeding her three month old son, Coby, in a Tauranga supermarket on January 7.

“My son had been crying for a good 10 minutes in there and I was just trying to hurry up and get out the other end so I wouldn’t have to feed him in the supermarket and then I just couldn’t listen to him crying anymore,” she said.   

“I got him out and I chucked a blanket over my shoulder and over him and started breastfeeding him. I got down a couple of isles when a lady stopped and she goes to me ‘this is something you should be doing in the privacy of your car.. your breasts are for at home, you should be feeding your child at home or in the privacy of your car not out in public where others can see’.”

The mother of three said she was stunned and completely taken back by woman’s comments.

“I was really shocked, I felt myself go red in the face and I felt embarrassed to be doing something natural. There were other people standing around and watching and nobody said anything. Nobody stood up for me which was a bit sad.”

It is a bit sad, but here’s the thing: if that old trout said that to my missus she would have got a slap in the face at the very least…quite possibly a punch in the throat. My missus was quite feral when it came to feeding the kids, and no one was going to tell her where or what she could do.

Shame she didn’t video the officious old trout; that would have been a real social media sensation.

 – NZ Herald
by Cameron Slater on January 15, 2016 at 5:30pm
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Admin Staff
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Having fun in the hills!

« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2016, 04:43:41 pm »

Yet more verbal runny-shit from Cameron Slater.

A wee piece of advice for the dim-witted........stay away from the rantings of Cameron Slater, 'cause he is a stupid retard.
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If you aren't living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space! 
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2016, 05:05:16 pm »

..soo..you are against women breast feeding in public....or you just shooting another messenger Roll Eyes
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« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2016, 05:19:23 pm »

Yet more verbal runny-shit from Cameron Slater.

A wee piece of advice for the dim-witted........stay away from the rantings of Cameron Slater, 'cause he is a stupid retard.

For once Slater actually has a point. Try not being so negative all the time.
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Absolutely Fabulously Incredibly Shit-Hot Member
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« Reply #4 on: January 16, 2016, 01:20:43 pm »

For once Slater actually has a point. Try not being so negative all the time.

I agree.
Having been stuck in a supermarket with a crying, hungry baby more than once because the shopping was taking way longer than it should I would have loved to just flop out a tit and silence the munchkin for the sake of my own ears as well as everyone else's. The only reason I didn't was the difficulty in controlling the toddler I had with me who also wanted her lunch and the fact Sp2 (and later Sp3) were big babies and hard to hold with one arm. I never did master the art of breast feeding while walking around and doing something else and still envy mothers who have.
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The way politicians run this country a small white cat should have no problem http://sally4mp.blogspot.com/
Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
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« Reply #5 on: August 06, 2017, 12:40:49 pm »

.....she is a dumbarse Greeny...🙄
...thanks for clearing that up Rodney😉

Rodney Hide thinks Lucy Lawless should practice what she preaches, I agree.

I read in the paper that, “We know beyond a doubt that we can’t burn a single barrel of oil from a new well if we are to avoid a climate catastrophe.”

My V8s burn a barrel a month. Each.

The statement, of course, is nonsense.  The climate system is not that finely balanced. It can’t distinguish new wells from old wells.

The quote is from actress Lucy Lawless who has been bobbing about in Arctic waters with Greenpeace, protesting oil drilling off the Norwegian coast.

(I am proud to say, parenthetically, that I have worked on drilling platforms in those waters).

My purpose with the quote is not just to make fun of Ms Lawless but also to draw attention to how campaigns such as hers have become dreadfully formulaic and totally devoid of content.

Here’s the plan: we will burn a great deal of fossil fuel to travel across to the other side of the world.  We will then steam up to the Arctic.  We will don the flashest gear all made possible by oil.  We will jump in the water and … hold up a sign.  And take photographs of ourselves doing it.

That will show them!

To get publicity we take a celebrity.  Actors and actresses are best.  They’re well-known and can read lines.  They don’t ask hard questions.  They like the publicity.

We will get the celebrity to say really dumb things. It doesn’t matter that they are not true. It’s best they are hyperbolic because what matters is that they get reported. The celebrities aren’t aboard for their knowledge or integrity.

It all works. The media want stories. Greenpeace package them up nicely with celebrities doing dramatic things.

The formula is repeated year in, year out. It works every time. It doesn’t matter that the oil, gas and coal industry goes from strength to strength. Indeed, it’s crucial they keep going. Absent fossil fuels and Greenpeace would have to make do saving seal pups.

These green warrior princesses are nothing by hippy-crites. They sanctimoniously tell us how we should all live while they are gorging themselves on more fossil fuels than anyone else.

Rodney has a solution.

It would be better for Ms Lawless to disappear into the bush Thoreau-like and live without the benefit of fossil fuels. It would mean no latte, no internet, no plastic or modern garment. It would mean living exactly as our early European settlers lived.

We know it can be done because the early settlers did it.

It would mean Ms Lawless would no longer be a hypocrite. She would be living as she demands the rest of the world to live.

There could be no movie or documentary. It would have to be a book. I think it could be quite powerful.

The downside is that living without oil and gas would no doubt prove difficult and inconvenient. I guess that’s why Greenpeace sticks to the formula.

Greenpeace is a political business that is involved in lobbying and fundraising. That is it. They are hippy-crites.


Cam slater
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