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Yep...socialists are liars and cheats and crooks and scumbags alright

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Author Topic: Yep...socialists are liars and cheats and crooks and scumbags alright  (Read 91 times)
« on: December 03, 2015, 05:06:45 am »

Taxi driver complaints include sexual misconduct, drugs, assault on special needs passenger
 A total of  537 complaints about cabbies have been recieved by he Transport Agency in the last three years.

A total of 537 complaints about cabbies have been recieved by he Transport Agency in the last three years.

Complaints made against taxi drivers in the past three years include rape, assault of a person with special needs, and offering to waive fares for sexual favours.

The allegations were among 537 complaints to the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) received about cabbies from July 1, 2012,  to June 30, 2015.

Details requested under the Official Information Act revealed some bizarre claims by passengers against drivers across New Zealand. Four related to alleged sexual assault or rape, while a further three related to sexual misconduct or indecent assault.

These figures contradict those NZTA released in 2014, when drivers were accused of a dozen sexual assaults during the past year.

Among bizarre claims are an allegation a driver was on the dating website Daboo while at work. Another two drivers were said to have fallen asleep during the journey, one at traffic lights.

Drunk driving, drug use, road rage and a "driver [who] presented a knife in a threatening manner to [a] passenger" also featured in complaints.

* Disabled Air Force veteran dumped by Hamilton taxi on busy road
* Abuse, assaults and entitlement- it's all in a day's work
* Taxi driver guilty of rape

NZTA said it could not elaborate on specific events, but said serious complaints were a concern.

"They're not appropriate people to be taxi drivers. There's a lot of trust in terms of who's driving you home," said David Pearks, NZTA's Waikato/Bay of Plenty regional manager for access and use.

No action was taken by the agency on 40 per cent of the complaints.

"That would be because of a range of things in terms of the amount of evidence. Also, when we say no further action, it's NZTA not taking further action because it may not have been an offence we should be dealing with. That doesn't mean the taxi company hasn't done something," Pearks said.

Forty-five complaints resulted in drivers having their licences revoked.

An alleged assault on a woman with special needs was the subject of one complaint, which Pearks said would have been escalated to police.

"That's right up there in terms of danger to passengers, so it's investigated by ourselves and police, so it's a criminal matter as well."

If charges such as those are proven, NZTA can issue a permanent ban to ensure the driver never returns to the industry.

Cabbies can appeal revoked licences, so evidence against them must be able to stand up in court, Pearks said.

Taxi Federation executive director Roger Heale pointed out that complaints are trending down; even so, one complaint is too many.

Heale said at least 20 million taxi trips are made in New Zealand each year, yet NZTA statistics state there were zero road deaths caused by taxi drivers in the last five years.

"The other thing to remember is the complaint may not be valid. It's not uncommon that sexual favours are offered by passengers for payment and they turn around and accuse the driver of having enforced it.

"We consistently reiterate to our drivers they are professional drivers in a professional environment so don't dare.

"There are always employees in a company you would rather not have, but most are removed from our companies. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they are removed from the system."

Wheelchair-bound woman refused service
A physically disabled Hamilton woman said she received a $30 voucher after a belittling experience with a taxi driver in 2013, when he refused to take her into the city with her wheelchair.

"He said, 'Are you coming in the car? With that thing? You should have told them when you rang.' And I said I didn't know I had to."

Stock Photo - Closeup empty wheelchair on dark background and shadow
Image ID : 12874374 health healthcare generic disability mobility
armchair, background, bath, bike, black, boy, broken, car, chair, child, circle, close, closeup, construction, detail, disability, disabled, equipment, foot, free, handicap, handicapped, health, healthcare, help, hospital, industry, invalid, isolated, leg, legs, light, medical, metal, mobile, mobility, movement, object, red, road, seat, shadow, sick, silhouette, sky, space, sport, steel, sun, sunset, support, technology, tire, transportation, up, vacation, vehicle, way, wheel, wheelchair
The taxi driver refused to take her wheelchair, the woman said.                                                         FILE PHOTO

The young woman said she relies on taxis to get around.

"He had a gas bottle in his boot and didn't want to put my chair in the back with his leather seats."

She complained directly to the company and understood the driver was stood down for six weeks.

The woman, who didn't want to be named, said she had to ask him to help her back up the ramp to her home, where she waited a further 20 minutes for a different driver.

'It was raining and dark and the middle of winter. He was going to leave me in the cold, but he helped me in the end.

"For the most part, people are really good and I have had a lot of good experiences, but I have had two or three that are bad."

The numbers
Complaints laid to June 30, 2013: 219
No further action: 79
Referred to approved taxi organisation (ATO): 40
Infringement notices: 23
Licences revoked: 15
Written warnings: 42
Verbal warnings: 10
Referred to police: 8
Civil matters: 6

Complaints laid to June 30, 2014: 199
No further action: 91
Referred to ATO: 28
Infringement notices: 27
Licences revoked: 10
Written warnings: 31
Referred to police: 8
Civil matters: 8

Complaints laid to June 30, 2015: 119
No further action: 48
Referred to ATO: 28
Infringement notices: 2
Licences revoked: 10
Written warnings: 16
Licence suspended: 2
Civil matters: 1
Still under consideration: 4

* Numbers can exceed the total number because more than one action could have been taken.

 - Stuff
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Social Buttons

« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2015, 03:33:41 pm »

ahhhhhaha....nice pics and video...what a dick...but why are we not surprised Wink


via Herald Sun

Australian Labor leader Bill Shorten has been forced to apologise after he was caught on camera using his phone while driving.

The opposition leader was filmed using his phone while driving at 40kmh on Melbourne’s Kings Way in a white 4WD.

The video was taken on August 23 but has only just been made public.

Shorten apologised for the indiscretion on Thursday night.

“Like most drivers, I always try to do the right thing,” he said.

“But there’s no doubt that using your phone while driving is the wrong thing to do. There’s no excuse for it. I shouldn’t have done it and won’t do it again.” …

It’s not just Australian politicians who have an urge to use their phones while driving: Labour MP David Cunliffe was nabbed by police in February after using his cellphone to make a “call or two” while driving.

When you are a politician, these are just dumb things to do.  You are observed everywhere you go.  But they get into a mindset where they think that the end justifies the means.  It’s ok for them, they are important.  Their time is more valuable than yours.

Although it happens more often on the left, the right isn’t immune to this kind of buffoonery either.  Recent examples include “Do you know who I am?” Gilmore and Gerry Brownlee thinking that airport security procedures are optional when he’s running late.

Of course, the left are much better at it.  Guess what Bill Shorten’s office used as part of their defence?

In a statement, his office said whomever filmed the video was equally guilty: “It appears the witness was driving while he used his phone to film Shorten.”

All class.

Like Helen Clark letting the driver take the fall for her instructions to get her from A to B no matter what and then not noticing they were going over 140 km/h most of the way…

– Sydney Morning Herald
by Cameron Slater on December 11, 2015 at 2:30pm
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« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2015, 06:30:29 am »

WHOAA...is even our once reputable largest daily succumbing to the emotive forces of leftism....not bothering to let the facts get in the way of a good emotive story Tongue


The NZ Herald really is having a bad run. David Fisher was found to have lied in one of his articles, numerous other findings in the Press Council against them and now yet another one where the NZ Herald has been found out, misleading people with dodgy headlines.

The Decision

11.Principle 6 reads:

6.Headlines and Captions

Headlines, sub-headings, and captions should accurately and fairly convey the substance or a key element of the report they are designed to cover.

12.We are concerned only with the headline. The story records that a number of female MPs, for the first time, publicly acknowledged that they had suffered sexual abuse.They were Mms Turei, Logie, Delahunty and Williams. The story revealed the comments by those MPs briefly outlining the abuse they had suffered.The story states that the Labour MP, Ms Williams, was thrown out of the debating chamber, which by reference to Hansard is incorrect.The MPs asked to leave were not amongst those who revealed the abuse, although they were involved in various points or order in an attempt to have the Prime Minister apologise.

13.The difficulty is that the complainant refers to one headline in her complaint to us but supplies two.

14.The first headline reads: “Silenced and ejected: The female MPs who revealed they had been victims of sexual violence”.Even allowing for the colon the reasonable reader would take the headline to mean that those who revealed they had been victims of sexual violence were silencedandejected by the Speaker. It is true that the four of the female MPs interrupted by the Speaker where those who revealed sexual abuse. We think it not unreasonable to say such interruption could be said to have silenced those MPs. But the headline clearly implies that the MPs who complained of sexual abuse were ejected. On the Hansard record that is not correct. As such the headline is inaccurate.. This inaccuracy no doubt led to the editor’s comment that the homepage synopsis was inaccurate. If this headline were the subject of the complaint we would have upheld the complaint.

15.The headline complained of is in fact a caption under a photograph that reads “The MPs who stood up to their abusers…but were then silenced and ejected from Parliament”. There is a necessary link between the revealing of abuse, the silencing and ejection. It can be seen the second part of the headline contains some elements of the previous headline. However, in our view the headline remains inaccurate for the same reasons. As we have noted at [12] the MPs who revealed sexual abuse could be said to have been silenced but, critically, not one of those four MPs were ejected. The speaker ejected Mms Wood, Davidson and Curran who did not reveal any abuse. (Although as we have noted it is possible Mmes Curran and Davidson may have been about to do so). As well, as the complainant states, some of the MPs elected to walk out and the Speaker ejected the three above for breach of his ruling. If they had been among the abused MPs we may well have considered this matter differently. A basic check of the facts would have revealed the inaccuracy.

16.The complaint is upheld.

Press Council members considering the complaint were Sir John Hansen, Liz Brown, Sandy Gill, Peter Fa’afiu, Marie Shroff, Mark Stevens and Tim Watkin.John Roughan took no part in the consideration of this complaint.

The NZ Herald has gone all in campaigning as the Media party against the government and that article and its headlines was just another piece of shoddy journalism from the former newspaper of record.

My word how the paper has been destroyed in recent years.

No wonder their customers are abandoning them in droves.

 – Press Council
by Cameron Slater on December 22, 2015 at 7:30am
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Incredibly Shit-Hot Member
Posts: 3568

If music be the food of love, play on

« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2015, 08:17:20 am »

NZ Herald has been found out, misleading people with dodgy headlines.

Methinks that the NZ Herald is not the only one using misleading/dodgy headlines  Tongue
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[W]hat the internet and its cult of anonymity do is to provide a blanket sort of immunity for anybody who wants to say anything about anybody else, and it would be difficult in this sense to think of a more morally deformed exploitation of the concept of free speech.
- Richard Bernstein in the New York Times
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2015, 08:22:20 am »

NZ Herald has been found out, misleading people with dodgy headlines.

Methinks that the NZ Herald is not the only one using misleading/dodgy headlines  Tongue

I was thinking the same thing Calliope
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2017, 08:12:03 pm »

...lock her up😉

The self-confessed fraudster has also admitted to committing electoral fraud as well…and chucked her own mother under the bus

The self-confessed fraudster, Metiria Turei, has also admitted to committing electoral fraud as well…and chucked her own mother under the bus.

 Met iris Turei has confirmed her mother was a flatmate for part of the period she claimed the benefit.

Turei has also admitted to enrolling to vote at the same address as her baby’s father – despite not living there – so she could vote for a friend who was a candidate in Mt Albert in 1993.

An electoral law expert says enrolling to vote at an address you do not live at is an offence.   

The MP made the admission in a statement tonight, after Newshub published information from the habitation index that showed Turei listed at the same address as her daughter’s father, Paul Hartley, in both 1993 and 1994.

My reliable sources say her mother may well have also been on a benefit at the time.

The index also showed that in 1996 and 1998 Turei was listed at the same address as her mother.

In her statement, Turei said she did not live at the same address as Hartley.

“I was, however, enrolled to vote at the same address as him, which was in the Mt Albert electorate. A friend of mine was running as a candidate in Mt Albert in 1993, and I wished to vote for them. That was a mistake – one of many I, like many other people, made as a young person.”

Turei would not have been eligible for the domestic purposes benefit she was receiving if she did live with her baby’s father.

She confirmed that her mother was her flatmate for a period during the mid-1990s, but said they were financially independent while living together in the same home.

“I was the sole provider for my daughter. I was fully financially responsible for us both.”

Electoral law expert Graeme Edgeler said enrolling to vote at an address you do not live at is an offence. Time limits for enforcement means it would be too late to prosecute, Edgeler said, and the offence was not a particularly serious one.

Deliberate defrauding of taxpayers through lying

She either has to go herself or the Greens have to boot her out.

Jacinda Ardern must answer questions too about whether or not Labour will do a deal with someone who clearly takes diabolical liberties with the law. She’s defrauded the taxpayers with her little scam in the 90’s and now she’s admitted to committing electoral fraud.

This is obviously a woman who pays scant regard to the law, and Labour wants to deal with them?

 Nz herald
Cam slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
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« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2017, 02:58:46 pm »

....check this out, see if you still feel sorry for the slag😳
...her friends are now dobbing her in....family gave her $80,000 while she was on benefit..
....lock her up😳

Sources say more than $80,000 over four years while Turei was on benefit

Yesterday Metiria Turei resigned.

Checkpoint at Radio NZ reported:

Today Checkpoint was contacted by a person close to Metiria Turei during the time she was on the DPB.

The person (who Checkpoint has agreed not to name) strongly alleged that Metiria Turei had received significant support from her daughter’s grandparents during the period in which she was on the DPB.

And they angrily suggested this was contrary to the narrative about her poverty that Metiria Turei had made public in her now famous speech at the Green Party AGM, on July 16.

In short, they asserted that Metiria Turei had sufficient support to mean she did not need to lie to WINZ about her circumstances.

The accusations were emailed to Metiria Turei so she could respond.

We would not have gone to air without a response.

A short time ago Mrs Turei spoke to the programme, and resigned as co-leader of the Green Party.

A short time after she resigned I was also contacted by a person who claimed to be one of the sources of Radio NZ.

They told me that their family had provided more than $80,000 to Metiria Turei over four years while she was claiming the DPB.

If that is the case Work and Income must prosecute her, she has not committed a small fraud, it was a planned and deliberate fraud perpetrated on the taxpayer and at odds with her claims of poverty.

If she had resigned with some humility instead of the arrogance and entitlement she showed then I doubt I would have been contacted.

Metiria Turei has brought this all on herself but continues to play the victim card when she is nothing but a shabby liar and fraud.

Good riddance.

C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
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« Reply #7 on: August 10, 2017, 11:11:58 pm »

James Shaw should commit political seppuku as well

It is my belief that James Shaw should be committing political seppuku along with Metiria Turei.

He stood there the other night after two MPs quit the party in an act of integrity and defiance at the shenanigans going on inside the Greens that was justifying long-term, deliberate and calculated fraud. 

Their conscience got the better of them and now they are pariahs. James Shaw threw them under the bus like the good little Stalinist he is.

But as the pressure built, from continuing leaks, it has become clear that James Shaw was a possum in the headlights.

He’s been lied to and he bought the lies. That makes him unfit to lead the Greens and unfit to hold a ministerial warrant.

He stood there beside Metiria Turei and lapped it all up. He enabled the fraudster. He excused the fraudster. He stood by the fraudster as she cried her river of crocodile tears.

Yesterday, after Turei slit her political wrist he doubled down and basically described her as a living saint, akin to Mother Teresa.

Whilst it is undeniable that Mother Teresa helped the poor, all Metiria Turei did was help herself…to taxpayer cash.

He is as culpable for the state the Green party is in as Metiria Turei.

He should go too.

But it appears there is actually no honour in the Green party, unless you count honour amongst thieves as honour.

James Shaw is an idiot. Leighton Smith called it.

He should go too, and take his own cloud of smug with him.
C slater
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
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« Reply #8 on: August 16, 2017, 09:43:39 am »

....looks labour are taking us to war with oz....just what we need🙄
...and to think mob actually want to govern our country😳

Aussie foreign minister says she won't be able to build trust with a NZ Labour government after citizenship row 

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said she did not formally apologise to the Australian High Commissioner after the party was accused of digging dirt on Australia's deputy prime minister.

But she said that she was happy to take a call with Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop as soon as possible.

Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce may be forced to resign after New Zealand government officials found that he is in fact a New Zealand citizen, as his father was born here. On Tuesday, he renounced his New Zealand citizenship.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop: "Should there be a change of government, I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations designed to undermine the government of Australia".

While the Department of Internal Affairs maintain that they made the finding as the result of media questions, many have accused Labour of dirty deals after it was revealed that Labour MP Chris Hipkins asked two parliamentary questions related to the topic, following a conversation he had with someone involved in the Australian Labor Party.

READ MORE: Australia's Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has dual New Zealand citizenship

NZ First leader Winston Peters says it was a "very unwise action" for Hipkins to take and "sooner or later questions are going to be asked whether it goes wider than Chris Hipkins".
Peters said Ardern would have "one terrible job persuading the public of the lack of knowledge or the innocence" of Hipkins asking questions without first asking what they would be used for.

"It's bad for the international ramifications...you saw the full on attack in the Parliament of Australia yesterday," he told RNZ.

"We've got a bad situation in Australia and we need to go and sort it out and this does not help in any way, shape or form," Peters said.

Earlier on Tuesday, Bishop indicated she would not be comfortable working with a future New Zealand Labour Government.

"New Zealand is facing an election. Should there be a change of government, I would find it very hard to build trust with those involved in allegations designed to undermine the government of Australia," Bishop said.

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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #9 on: August 22, 2017, 03:54:39 pm »

...why must socialism always end in dictatorship...this is how it starts with Labour😳

“There could be some negative media coverage coming your way about this.”

A Labour Party candidate threatened to bring “negative media coverage” to the business owners of a night market after he failed to get free space and access for leader Jacinda Ardern.

Barry Kirker, Labour’s candidate for Pakuranga, had emailed the Auckland Night Market owners requesting a visit for Ardern to campaign at the Pakuranga night market on September 2.

But he was told there was a change in policy and that political parties this year were being charged between $300 and $500 this year for “exclusive” campaigning at the markets.

Kirker was told Ardern could not campaign on the date he wanted because the National Party had already booked a spot on the evening in question.

Don’t make Barry angry.   You wont’t like it when he’s angry 

The Labour candidate wrote an angry email in response saying: “You (sic) shameless attempt to profit off the elect reflects poorly on your organisation.

“There could be some negative media coverage coming your way about this.”

Kirker also said it was very concerning for democracy when parties were being charged high fees to access to market-goers.

“This will mean only National Party can afford to meet people in Pakuranga night market and that your customers will have less options,” Kirker said.

Market owner Paul de Jonge said he was shocked at the email and the “bully tactics” of the Labour candidate.

“This is a party that is wanting to charge royalties for water, but they expect things to be given to them free of charge,” de Jonge said.


I suspect that the candidate would have been told to behave and the party leader to apologise for this very un-Labour behaviour.

Labour Party general secretary Andrew Kirton said Kirker was frustrated at the change in policy by the market operators.

“He did not intend for his comments about media coverage to be taken that way,” Kirton said.

“He was trying to convey, perhaps not in the best way, that there would be a group of people disappointed by the decision.”


Apologies are pretty hard.

Even when you are covering for another one of those over-inflated candidates that think they are someone just because they are dropping some leaflets for the Labour party.

 – Lincoln Tan, NZ Herald
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 865

« Reply #10 on: August 22, 2017, 04:02:15 pm »

Haven't seen his Lordship for a while
😁 Wonder what he's up to 😁
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 865

« Reply #11 on: August 22, 2017, 04:43:38 pm »

"why must socialism always end in dictatorship...this is how it starts with Labour"

If you base your economy on socialism you are denying human nature. This has always failed. Even the Chinese dictatorship has ditched economic socialism.
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Part-Of-The-Furniture Member
Posts: 898

« Reply #12 on: August 22, 2017, 05:13:07 pm »

Adj......"Haven't seen his Lordship for a while
😁 Wonder what he's up to 😁"

...maybe you wore him down and he has seen the light...became a devout capitalist but to embarrassed to admit it😉
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