An ENGLISH point of veiw..... EATING in the FIFTIES

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Quote from: nitpicker1 on November 02, 2012, 05:20:03 pm

and Peas -  we're forgetting Peas. I used to make peapod soup from the wasted shells. Now I grow Sugarsnap peas and pick 'em before they're properly filled

Yep....I forgot about peas.

Where I grew up in Tomoana Road, Hastings in the 1950s, there were three plants processing peas within less than a mile of my place. Fropax were knocking out frozen peas, Unilever were likewise knocking out frozen peas under the Bird's Eye brand as well as canned peas under the Crest brandname; and Watties were knocking out VAST QUANTITIES of peas both frozen and canned under their own name.

And as for Heinz knocking out beans....we had never heard of the name Heinz. We were very aware of Watties though, and like peas, they were knocking out vast quantities of beans in both frozen and canned form. As well as hordes of other food products, including Watties brand potato chips (the chippies variety, not fries), and which came with the salt in a little piece of blue paper which you unscrewed, then tipped into the chippies and shook the bag.

And icecream meant Tip-Top or Blue Moon (made in Havelock North) or Frosty Jack (made in Waipukurau). Or for the Rolls-Royce product, Rush Monroes icecream (made in Hastings adjacent to the world-famous icecream gardens, which incidentally are still there at the same location).

We had Roscoe's Ice Cream made in Hamilton and then Gaytime turned up. Wouldn't call it that nowadays..

I remember Gaytime cones.

We used to get Mooloo icecream when visiting the cuzzies in Ngaruawahia. It might still be availible in the Waikato.


Quote from: ssweetpea on November 03, 2012, 10:05:28 pm

I remember Gaytime cones.

We used to get Mooloo icecream when visiting the cuzzies in Ngaruawahia. It might still be availible in the Waikato.

I worked a while at the Manda icecream factory in Invercargill.

Us learners were expected to peel FROZEN kiwifruit.  That was a miserable slow job trying to control the wee round fruit and sharp peeling knife with numbing hands.

I got a bucket of boiling water, dunked the frozen kiwis briefly (like peeling ripe tomatoes for bottling) then just slid their skins off, leaving the fruit still frozen. I wonder whether they still used that method after I left?



...and biscuits in brown paper bags, taken by the handful by yr grocer from a square biscuit tin, NO BROKEN ONES!

They (rejects) were available free by "take your own bag"  from a biscuit factory in Wgtn when I was a kid. 

you could crumb them up with a rolling pin, add an egg/milk/BP mix to combine the bits, and re-cook ‘em as biscuits, or for lumpy bits use sultanas with  highlander condensed milk to recombine and make an uncooked fudge slice.

Then some bright spark designed a wrapping machine, now we gotta pay for the crumbs and for the broken ones as well.


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