Sir Bruce Ferguson chucks the cat in amongst the pigeons



Retired commander signals abuse cover-up

ONE News - TVNZ | 7:03PM - Thursday, 08 September 2011

Sir Bruce Ferguson on the set of TVNZ's Media7.
 — Source: ONE News.

THE MAN in charge of the Defence Force at the time New Zealand first joined the war in Afghanistan has admitted there may have been cover-ups of Kiwi soldiers criticising allies for mistreating prisoners.

Retired Air Marshall Sir Bruce Ferguson was a trusted commander of New Zealand forces as they went to fight the Taliban and al Qaeda.

He retired five years ago to run the country's spy agency, including the Waihopai spy base.

Last night, Sir Bruce joined a panel on TVNZ's Media7, seated alongside author Nicky Hager, author of the recently released book Other People's Wars.

The controversial book claims military officials have not revealed the true extent of their operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

During the recording of an online segment, Media7 host Russell Brown asked Sir Bruce what he thought of Kiwi soldiers blowing the whistle on prisoner abuse in Afghanistan.

"They may well have gone to their commanding officers, and their commanding officers, to use their words ‘covered it up’," he said.

Sir Bruce's comments may strengthen war-critics calls for a public inquiry into the allegations of abuse.

However, Foreign Minister Murray McCully is keen to keep it off the agenda for now.

He said he wished to see the footage before commenting.

• Startling prisoner abuse concession (1min-36sec video clip)


Hmmmmm.....when these allegations first surfaced around the time the appointment of the new governor-general was announced, John Key totally denied the allegations and indulged in personal attacks against the people who made them.

Now....the man who was the NZ Chief of Defence at the time has admitted that, not only may the allegations be true, but that they may have been deliberately covered-up by defence force officers at the time.

You can guarantee that the Beehive spin-doctors will be working overtime all night in an attempt to come up with plausible bullshit for Jonkey and his henchmen to feed to the sheeple in the morning. You can also guarantee that Jonkey (and his henchmen) will avoid like the plague being interviewed on Radio NZ's Morning Report where they would undergo hard-questioning and the interviewers would see through any bullshit and not be fobbed off. Instead, the spin-doctors will no doubt tell Jonkey that he (and his henchmen) must only be inverviewed on TV ONE's Breakfast program, possibly Newstalk ZB and also possibly Radio Live where it will be easier to pull-the-wool over the eyes of any interviewers and put across the sort of plausible bullshit the government will no doubt want to put across in an exercise in damage control.

And....I guess Sir Bruce Fergusson WON'T be receiving any Xmas Party invites (or receiving Xmas cards) from Jonkey and his henchmen.

Does that sum the situation up adequately?   

ps....One really has to wonder why Jonkey stuck his neck out, telling lies and indulging in character assassination over something which largely happened during the term of the previously government. If he had kept quiet about it, then Labour would have taken all the heat and the Nats could have sat back and tut-tutted about it. Instead, Jonkey's bullshit and character assassination has come back to haunt him!

See now, all I wonder is why Sir Bruce saved his timing for when he did.

The words "Sour Grapes" come to mind reaaaaaaaaal easy like.


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