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Title: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: nitpicker1 on July 19, 2010, 05:07:45 pm

Australian schoolboys caught in $6000 shoplifting spree
By James Beech
Mon, 19 Jul 2010
News: Queenstown Lakes
Boys from a Melbourne single-sex Catholic school were caught red-faced and red-handed with $6000 worth of clothing and souvenirs on Saturday, after a Queenstown shoplifting spree.

A total of 16 pupils, aged from 14 to 17, part of a group of about 30 pupils on the last day of their school trip, roamed the central business district in packs and stole from at least seven stores.

Constable Dave Felstead, of Queenstown, yesterday said the teenagers stole various items, but mostly clothing from sports shops, between 2pm and 6pm.

Five boys, aged 14 and 15, entered the R&R Sport shop about noon on the busy Saturday and tried on ski jackets, sales assistant Kate Long told the Otago Daily Times last night.

The group departed, then returned with three more boys, most of whom were wearing backpacks, about 5pm.

The "energetic and edgy" boys entered changing rooms with ski garments, which raised staff suspicions, Miss Long said.

When she challenged the group, some of the boys ran off, but were later found with their teachers waiting for a bus.

Miss Long and teachers from the school searched bags belonging to the party and recovered a variety of stolen ski jackets, other garments and souvenirs.

Most of the R&R Sport garments were damaged when boys tore off the security tags, Miss Long said.

"This is when we discussed [calling the] police, or payment [for the stolen goods]."

Miss Long said the teachers were "helpful and dealt with it extremely well".

The teachers promptly paid for the damaged garments and made the pupils call their parents from outside R&R Sport.

"Some of the boys were in tears," Miss Long said.

A Queenstown police officer returned recovered stolen goods to businesses yesterday.

Other retailers hit in the spree included Outside Sports and 45 South.

The offending pupils had been reprimanded by teachers who accompanied the school trip and were expected to receive further punishment after arriving back in Melbourne yesterday.

The group had been staying at the Goldridge Resort.

The hotel declined to name the school, or say how long the pupils stayed, citing confidentiality concerns.


Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Magoo on July 19, 2010, 05:31:16 pm
"This is when we discussed [calling the] police, or payment [for the stolen goods]."

Police , payment or just a dozen hail Marys.  ::)

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: nitpicker1 on July 19, 2010, 07:33:30 pm

Principal 'gutted' at pupils' shoplifting spree
The Age
15:35 19/07/2010

The principal of one of Melbourne's leading private schools says he was ''gutted'' to learn 16 of his students had gone on a $6000 ($5000 Aus) shoplifting spree while in New Zealand.

Chris Hayes said the boys had been suspended from Xavier College at Kew in Melbourne's east for one week after they were caught stealing ski clothing from stores in Queenstown.

The boys, aged 14 to 17, were also interviewed by police and will receive an official police caution after the thefts from seven stores across the CBD on Saturday.

They arrived home in disgrace last night, and were met at Melbourne Airport by Dr Hayes and their parents.

''It's so disappointing and so regrettable. It's gutting,'' Dr Hayes said, adding the college had launched its own investigation into the incident.

''The mood [at the airport] was very, very sombre. Certainly the parents felt gutted by the actions of their sons and certainly they fully support the actions of the college.

''Currently they will be suspended from school for a week and in our investigations, if there needs to be further suspensions or further action, we need to discover that through our investigations.''

The boys were among a group of 30 students and four teachers who had gone on the ski trip to New Zealand during the school holidays, he said.

The culprits had set out on a shopping trip on Saturday afternoon, and their teachers only learned of the thefts when a shopkeeper ran up to them.

R&R Sport sales assistant Kate Long told the Otago Daily Times shop staff became suspicious and questioned the group after they took ski garments into the changing rooms.

Some of the boys ran off when challenged, but were quickly found waiting for a bus with teachers.

A search of the bags uncovered a variety of stolen items, many damaged from where security tags had been ripped off.

Other retailers hit in the spree included Outside Sports and 45 South.

Dr Hayes said the boys narrowly avoided more serious legal consequences because of their quick-thinking teachers, who interviewed all 30 students on the trip and quickly rooted out the offenders.

That afternoon and the following morning they were made to return the goods and apologise to the shop owners, while compensation was paid for damaged goods.

Each of the boys was also made to call their parents and confess, during which some broke down in tears

''I thought [the teachers] handled a very distressing situation extremely well, to make sure that for the wrongs that were done that apologies were made as quickly as possible, as well as the return and compensation for any damage that had been done to those goods,'' Dr Hayes said.

''I spoke to the New Zealand police just a few moments ago and their response at this stage is to officially caution those boys, given the quick actions of our staff to make sure that compensation was paid and the goods were returned as well as the fact that they realised the school was going to take quick action.''

Constable Dave Felstead said Queenstown police were unaware a series of town centre shoplifting reports were linked until an officer met a teacher who was returning some of the stolen goods.

All 16 youths' passport numbers were recorded in case any of them got into trouble on future trips.

The spree probably started with one or two youths shoplifting, before others joined in, he said.

Their stupidity was frustrating because it wasted police time but by the time teachers and police caught up with the teens "they were a very sad and sombre bunch".

The latest incident is not the first public humiliation for the college, which charges more than $20,000 in fees annually for students in the senior years.

A group of VCE students from Xavier caused international headlines in 2008 when their "muck-up day" antics led to the mass suspension of Year 12 classes.
Kew residents complained that  Xavier students were "blind drunk" in the street, drinking from wine casks and "urinating all over the neighbours' houses".

The school has had a troubled history with allegations of student bullying, including the emergence in 2007 of a YouTube video allegedly showing a student being forced upside down into a wheelie bin.


Oh well, they call it the adventure capital of the world. Can't blame the kids for trying on a new one.

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Kiwithrottlejockey on July 21, 2010, 02:53:11 am

Students in shoplifting spree may be expelled

By JOHN EDENS and GRANT BRYANT - The Southland Times | 5:00AM - Tuesday, 20 July 2010

PRINCIPAL UPSET: Xavier College in Kew, Melbourne.

DISGRACED SCHOOLBOYS from an elite Melbourne college could be expelled after a weekend shoplifting spree in Queenstown, the school's principal said yesterday.

A group of 16 Xavier College students, boys aged 14 to 17, spent four hours on Saturday stealing $6000 of skiwear, sports gear and souvenirs from seven central business district stores.

Xavier College, a leading Jesuit school in Kew, was opened in 1878 and caters for about 2000 students, including almost 100 boarders.

Tuition fees range from $14,700 a year to $22,600 for years 11 and 12, not including boarding fees of $18,900 a year.

Principal Dr Chris Hayes said the 30-strong party included four teachers, and he and parents met the group at the airport on Sunday.

Students were suspended on the spot pending an investigation into the spree, which was "absolutely devastating".

Teachers were told to return the goods or reimburse stores if items were damaged, and the culprits would repay staff, Dr Hayes said.

If the spree was organised or it emerged a ringleader, or ringleaders, started the shoplifting then expulsion was an option, he said.

Managers from two of the stores hit in the spree said such incidents had become an almost annual occurrence.

Souvenir and sports goods store 45 South manager Ian Bell yesterday said Australians were "without doubt our best customers" but groups of young Aussies were often light-fingered. "It's not guaranteed to happen every year, but groups of young guys on tour seem to get the peer pressure thing where mates have taken stuff, and the idea seems to go around."

A high-powered slingshot, two snow jackets and an expensive day pack, valued at $700, were taken on Saturday and returned by two teachers on Sunday morning, Mr Bell said.

DT Souvenirs manager Sarah Tallboys yesterday said packs of Australian schoolboys on pinching sprees was becoming an annual occurrence. "I'm disappointed they're not being prosecuted ... it's turned into a regular problem for us in the last three years, and it's disappointing because the huge majority of Australians visiting Queenstown are great."

Tracksuit pants and rugby shirts valued at more than $600 were returned to DT Souvenirs by two teachers on Sunday morning, Ms Tallboys said.

R&R Sport Queenstown manager Mark Williams said schoolboys ripped security tags from three $500 ski jackets. Staff stopped the boys outside a store and searched their bags before teachers went back to R&R and paid $1500 because the jackets were badly damaged.

"It's tarnished the school's name," Mr Williams said.

Outside Sports general manager Liz Cox said it was more a case of boys being boys. "I think it's just some boys who got foolhardy and pretty stupid," she said.

http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/3934585/Students-in-shoplifting-spree-may-be-expelled (http://www.stuff.co.nz/southland-times/news/3934585/Students-in-shoplifting-spree-may-be-expelled)

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Magoo on July 21, 2010, 10:51:58 am
It usually only takes one or two to start the ball rolling and then the pack mentality sets it.   I don't think expulsion is the answer.     Exclusion from any trips from the school and named  would be a good start.   Hopefully the publicity and shame will be sufficient to remind them that all actions have a consequence.

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: nitpicker1 on July 21, 2010, 11:01:14 am
 I guess a few heartfelt mea culpa from the kids and some bankcheqes from the parents would suffice

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Magoo on July 21, 2010, 11:07:52 am
I guess a few heartfelt mea culpa from the kids and some bankcheqes from the parents would suffice
You are right there.   Those fees are more than some people earn in a year.   One would be expecting something half pie decent for their money.    Some more knocking into shape is required.

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: ssweetpea on July 21, 2010, 12:01:10 pm
Ok, here is one of my theories on moral decline.

I suspect that a fair few (NOT all and not the majority) of well off business people have gotten that way by bending laws.

Think about how fuzzy the line between tax avoidance and just using a loop hole to legitamately reduce your tax liability is. How big a leap is it to ignoring "inconvenent" rules and laws, treating them like they don't apply to you if you can get away with it.

How many of these same people make sure they teach their children these tricks?

Is it any surprise that these children pass this knowledge on to their mates and try out new ways to get what they want with the attatude that breaking the law only matters if you are caught and that paying up will get you off the hook?

Go ahead and tell me if you think I am completely wrong.

What I am talking about is a whole different sort of motivation to lie, cheat and steal. One that doesn't come from being poor, a 'have not'.

Some of these Xavier Boys will learn their lesson and never steal again, some will just learn not to get caught. Most, if not all will learn that shop lifting is a dumb mugs game as the rewards of being successful are not big enough to be worth the risk or bother.

It is an attatude thing the separates the poor and the privaliged, the dumb and the smart.

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: nitpicker1 on July 21, 2010, 12:51:55 pm

I agree with ya ssweetP

My dear departed used to comment that in life there are three types of peole:

makers, takers and breakers.

I add another.


Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Magoo on July 21, 2010, 01:52:51 pm
Good post Sweetpea.

Title: Re: schoolboys caught in shoplifting spree
Post by: Kiwithrottlejockey on July 21, 2010, 10:42:25 pm

School has record of scandal

By JOHN EDENS - The Press | 5:00AM - Wednesday, 21 July 2010

THE $6,000 SHOPLIFTING SPREE by Australian pupils in Queenstown at the weekend was the latest scandal to rock Melbourne's exclusive Jesuit Xavier College.

A group of 16 pupils — part of a 30-strong school ski trip — were suspended on the spot when they returned home on Sunday, pending a school investigation.

It was not the first time the college — where fees range from $14,700 a year to $22,600 a year — has hit the headlines.

In August the school denied allegations a pupil was threatened with sexual assault and in 2008 the entire year 12 class — 250 pupils — was suspended for unruly behaviour.

Suspended students donned balaclavas and went on a binge-drinking wrecking spree, tipping bins and damaging a car.

An Xavier College Facebook page includes a photograph of two young men, one holding a bottle, wearing balaclavas.

No comments were posted for months until Monday, when one poster wrote: "The xavier twats are at it again. Stealing 6k worth of stuff. Is Daddy's money not enough?"

The light-fingered Aussies, boys aged 14 to 17, spent four hours on Saturday stealing ski wear, sports gear and souvenirs from 15 central business district stores in Queenstown.

A Xavier College spokesman said the school did not believe there was a culture of bad behaviour and, despite the seriousness of previous incidents, most schools dealt with unruly pupils.

In a statement on Monday principal Dr Chris Hayes, who joined Xavier 18 months ago, said official caution notices were being sent by Queenstown police to the school. "I am determined to get to the bottom of why a small number of students acted in such an antisocial and impulsive manner," he said.

The school investigation is expected to finish next week.

http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/3938498/School-has-record-of-scandal (http://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/news/3938498/School-has-record-of-scandal)