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Title: Britain Grows up.
Post by: DazzaMc on November 21, 2009, 08:08:04 am
Britain to require teaching of evolution

The British government said Thursday that all state primary schools will be required to teach evolution as a science subject starting in September 2011.

The Times of London said while science education in Britain will have to include discussion of the theory of evolution and national selection, each school will be allowed to decide how the subject will be addressed.

A Department for Children, Schools and Families spokesman said a school could teach evolutionary theory in a context that followed the school's fundamental values.

"You could do that within the ethos of the school. If as a school, in consultation with governors and parents, you have a particular take on that, you would still be able to do that," the spokesman, whose identity was not reported, said.

The proposal to make evolution teachings mandatory in British state schools was supported by more than 500 supporters. Those supporters, which included scientists, signed an online petition in support of the proposal, which was introduced at the House of Commons.