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Title: A book about the air war over Germany during WWII
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Both sides of the war retold

By JODEAL CADACIO - North Shore Times | 5:00AM - Tuesday, 03 November 2009


BOMBER'S MOON: Author Stephen Harris gives a 360 degree view of the air
war over Germany during World War Two in his book Under a Bomber’s Moon.

The gripping story of a North Shore airman and a German fighter pilot at war over Germany can now be told.

Decorated Royal Air Force navigator and bomb aimer Frank Colwyn Jones and Luftwaffe pilot Otto-Heinrich Fries are featured in the new book “Under a Bomber’s Moon”.

The book is written by former North Shore Times cadet reporter and now diplomat Stephen Harris.

The book explores both sides of the war by following the fortunes of the author’s great-uncle, Mr Jones, and the German pilot.

"I had quite a big collection of his writings, diaries and letters and when I started reading them I was living in Germany so I could identify both sides of the conflict," Mr Harris says.

Mr Jones was born in Northcote in 1908 and went to Northcote Primary and Auckland Grammar.

He joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1940 and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by King George VI at Buckingham Palace in 1943.

He was killed during a raid on Berlin in early 1944.

An accomplished journalist, Mr Jones left behind a detailed diary and a rich collection of letters that were featured in the book as well.

While posted in Berlin, Mr Harris met and befriended Mr Fries, a night fighter pilot of the Luftwaffe.

Nearing the end of his life, Mr Fries reflected at length to the author on what it meant to fly in defence of the Fatherland and inherit a country reduced to ashes by the Allies.

Mr Harris grew up in Bayswater and went to Bayswater Primary and Takapuna Grammar School.

After completing a three-year assignment at the New Zealand Embassy in Berlin, he came home with his family late last year.

He is now deputy director of the Middle East and Africa Division of the Foreign Affairs and Trade Ministry in Wellington.

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