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Title: Forty40 Footy
Post by: Lovelee on May 07, 2009, 08:42:45 am
A VISIONARY "Forty40 Footy" concept has been drawn up to pit Australia and New Zealand against each other in the ultimate tag-team war of the codes.

 For the first time, rugby league's Kangaroos and rugby union's Wallabies would unite for a common cause toppling the best the haka-driven Kiwis can muster from both codes.

The bold plan is the brainchild of venue management kingpin Harvey Lister, head of AEG Ogden, who is pushing for the two codes to come together for a Forty40 blockbuster next year.

"The beauty of this idea is that rugby and league, playing 40 minutes each under their own rules, can unite for a common goal supremacy over the Kiwis," Lister said.


Awesome idea!!

Title: Re: Forty40 Footy
Post by: Crusader on May 07, 2009, 12:47:37 pm
This would be awesome to watch but I don't see how is this going to work. You need 15 on the field for the half union will be played and then 13 on the field when league is played. The subs/interchange benches are completely different too.

Title: Re: Forty40 Footy
Post by: Lovelee on May 07, 2009, 04:06:52 pm
Aw come on - half the game played RU & the other half RL, how can that be difficult?