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Title: Speeds on the net
Post by: Lovelee on April 29, 2009, 11:42:14 am
Daz u around??

We got connected yesterday - decided to move from NATCOM cos the modem was fukked and they wanted $1500 for a replacement.  MrL went with an offer from the installer with Wireless Nation.

Cost is more than NATCOM per month but he who pays the bills is ok with that

Whats happening though is that I am having trouble getting email down from the site - larger emails - they get stuck.  Ive worked around it - but Im not happy with the speeds.

Can you give me a speed site you use - and give me an idea what to say or do with the provider please - Ive emailed them and expressed my displeasure havent heard back from them yet.

I did a speed test just to give them some figures - .17 up and .05 mpsdown!!!!!  Thats supposed to be fast??